• Episode 14
    • Ken Freeman
Transform Your D2C Brand into an Amazon Powerhouse

Transform Your D2C Brand into an Amazon Powerhouse


Discover the secrets of transforming your D2C brand into an Amazon powerhouse as I chat with eCommerce superhero Ken Freeman in this riveting episode. Get ready to level up your Amazon game as we dive into Ken's own experience of building a multiple seven-figure brand from scratch to a successful exit, along with actionable strategies and tactics for D2C brands.

Learn how to leverage Amazon as a co-channel while avoiding the pitfalls of relying on just one avenue for growth. Ken shares his thoughts on the challenges of buying and selling eCommerce brands, the impact of Amazon aggregators on the market, and how utilizing Amazon in conjunction with off-Amazon marketing efforts can skyrocket your marketing efficiency. We also discuss the importance of diversifying beyond Amazon to establish a truly resilient brand.

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