• Episode 5
    • Justin Christianson
Unlocking the Secrets of Conversion Optimization

Maximizing eCommerce Revenue Through Email and Online Dating


In this episode of the e-commerce expert podcast, Justin Christians, co-founder of the full-service conversion optimization company Conversion Fanatics, dives into the specifics of conversion optimization and how to maximize the ROI from every click to your website. We also dig deep into the current state of e-commerce, particularly focusing on the changing landscape for online businesses and the one-trick pony approach of relying on media buying for driving traffic. We provide tips for improving e-commerce conversion, such as taking a page from Amazon's estimated shipping times, skipping the cart popup, heat maps and click maps, and using an open-ended text box with an exit poll for customers to provide feedback. We also discuss the common fear that people have of showcasing their settings online, and how this fear is misguided. Finally, we explore the importance of copywriting in e-commerce, the use of upsells and post-checkout sequences, message-market matching, native advertising, Google Shopping traffic, and the key to success: following the data and adjusting accordingly.

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