• Episode 7
    • Neil Twa
Unlocking the Secrets to Success in Amazon

Building An Amazon Private Label Business with Neil Twa


In this episode, I dive deep into the world of Amazon private label businesses with my guest, Neil Twa, who has been launching, operating, and growing eCommerce businesses on Amazon for the past nine years. We discuss the evolution of Amazon as a traffic source, the concept of recession-proof business models, and the potential of eCommerce as a solution. We also explore strategies for building a profitable Amazon brand, the importance of competing on profit rather than volume, and the intricacies of wholesaling, retail, and online arbitrage on Amazon. Finally, we tackle the challenges of sourcing products and managing supply chains in the ever-changing landscape of eCommerce. Join us in this fascinating conversation as we uncover the secrets to success in the Amazon private label business world.

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